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NLX's Unique Franchise Business Opportunity

Enjoy the flexibility of managing a professional referral networking group, while earning revenue.

We help you develop your networking group with business in your area so you can introduce them to connections that may have referrals.

How It Works

Network Lead Exchange will help your members’ brand grow in awareness and sales through stronger relationships in the business community.

Members utilize our platform for networking and referrals, sharing promotions and events, or hiring employees.

Currently Networking and Want A Tool To Improve Experience?

Take advantage of our designed platform for member communications, so they can ask questions, share ideas and develop long-term relationships.

Our Ideal Franchisee


Someone who wants to build and scale The Network Lead Exchange franchise in a large area with multiple territories. With this opportunity, the franchisee has more revenue potential with an opportunity to manage a larger team.


This is someone who currently runs a small business and is well versed with networking in their area and would like to run their own group and build an additional revenue stream.


This candidate may be an existing local organization or proven networking system who can utilize our model and platform to build and grow their existing group and be able to properly monetize it.

Owner Benefits

Flexible - Anywhere, Anytime

Grow Your Existing Business

Quality Lead Generation

Exclusive Technology Platform

Multiple Revenue Streams

Revenue Streams

Annual Membership Fees - $750 Each

Commission on Closed Deals from Referrals

Royalty of All Commissions Generated in Your Group

Great at Networking and Looking for the Next Revenue Opportunity?

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Privacy Notice:

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A Turnkey Franchise Investment

No Required Meetings

Affordable Membership Structure

Custom Platform to Send and Track Referrals & Commissions

Work at Home

Recurring Revenue Through Commissions

Work with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs Like You

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