Card image cap Dec 01, 2020

Networking with a Purpose Expert Panel

On Thursday, December 10th at 12 pm we held an Expert Panel to discuss the importance of getting involved in and giving back to the community as well as some good networking practices. Here’s a summary of the discussion of the panel along with the participants who provided insight onto this topic.

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Card image cap Sep 29, 2020

Managing Your Finances Expert Panel

How to best manage your finances is something everyone should be brushed up on. This Expert Panel, held on on September 29th, from Network Lead Exchange provides plenty of ideas for managing your finances.

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Card image cap Aug 25, 2020

The Evolution of Sales and Negotiation in 2020

Learn about how sales has changed over the past year from sales guru Dale Dupree. Network Lead Exchange is excited to bring this expert to help its members learn how to adjust to a new sales era.

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