Why Network Lead Exchange?

Each member holds the exclusive seat for their profession, so there is not any competing within the group.

There are not any required in-person meetings, and you will never be fined or kicked out for missing a meeting.

Even though our groups are flexible and virtual, most of them are locally focused in your area.

Each member receives access to our custom log-in platform where they can communicate, send & receive referrals, and send & receive commissions.

We encourage the sending and receiving of commissions through our virtual wallet.

How NLX Compares To Other Networking Groups

Network Lead Exchange
Traditional Networking Groups


Locally Focused

Send Commissions

No Meeting Requirements

Corporately Supported

Referral Tracking

Internationally connected

NO Recurring Event Charges

Earn Referral Revenue

The Story of Network Lead Exchange


  • Our Start – In 1986, Signarama was founded by our CEO Ray Titus.

  • This retail sign and graphics shop needed to network locally and gain new business, so traditional networking in available organizations became a must. Networking and building connections were essential to acquiring new business referrals.

  • Fast-Forward 30 years, Signarama is the world’s largest sign & graphics franchise with over 800 locations in 50 different countries.

  • After the world renown success of Signarama and many additional brands under United Franchise Group, the future of networking was emerging.

  • 2016 – United Franchise Group has 10 different brands with 1600 franchisees in 80 different countries.

  • Ray’s motto was always “Join any and as many networking groups as you can - These are sources for new customers.”

  • The need for business networking persisted and ideas came together to form a networking referral concept that “Caters to every type of business and business owner”.

  • “A networking group of the introverts and extroverts.” A network that allows you to” Network when, where, and with whom you want to.”

  • Starting in late 2018, Ray assigned UFG executive Scott Mast to build out the concept. Scott worked along the UFG team to build the NLX business model and direct its first technology platform that would bring everything together.

  • 2019 – Network Lead Exchange expanded with our first franchises in West Palm Beach, FL.

  • 2020 – Network Lead Exchange continued to add more than 20 Chapters through the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 2021 – Network Lead Exchange has over 50 Chapters in 15 different states with more than 100 monthly networking opportunities.

  • Today the team has expanded, our model has solidified, the technology has advanced, and we are on our way to surpass 100 chapters nationally through 2021 just 3 years later.

Meet Our Team

Ray Titus

CEO of United Franchise Group

Lifelong entrepreneur responsible for developing a group of successful brands and franchise development services.

Austin Roy Titus

Network Lead Exchange President

Having been in the franchise industry all his life the knowledge learned is used to grow and build the Network Lead Exchange brand. The vast knowledge acquired after spending his life in the franchise industry is dedicated to growing and building the Network Lead Exchange brand.

Megan Hammes

Director of Operations

Superpower: Ideas! #theideamaniac

I manage motivation and operations to make sure all our hard work gets done. I focus on supporting those around me, guiding them to success, and working as a team.

Loving the community you’re a part of is vital to your work-life balance. Through dedication, commitment, and a positive attitude, we can accomplish any goal we set for ourselves!

Second-to-none. I am elevating what’s possible so our teams can always operate at their best #operations #network #networking #teamwork

Ready To Grow Your Business?

Network Lead Exchange has over 60 chapters emerging in states throughout the country with more businesses joining the network every day.

Learn more about how you and your business can join the NLX Community both locally and nationally. Start building business relationships today and join a chapter!

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