What Does it Mean to Invest in Yourself

By: Network Lead Exchange

What Does it Mean to Invest in Yourself




To invest in yourself is a slogan for many leaders denoting personal growth. Network Lead Exchange explains the actual nuts and bolts of how people invest in themselves.


There are plenty of ways that people in business grow. The reality is the path of growth isn’t linear. Investing in yourself is just another way to grow professionally and personally. That said, it’s not the easiest thing to invest in yourself. Many people are unsure of where to start or what it means to invest in yourself. The good news is professional growth mirrors personal growth. The processes have much crossover, so to grow professionally, it helps to grow personally and vice versa.


The first step with investing in oneself is to be mindful. The Buddhists see mindfulness as meditation – the process of clearing the mind and focusing on one thought. However, one need not get into the lotus pose to be mindful. Simply existing in the moment and prioritizing what needs to be done starts the process. After that, it’s important to take inventory on strengths and weaknesses. After finalizing the inventory, it’s time to take action.

Create a Self-Investment Plan

The first step with investing in oneself is setting goals. Once delineating goals, the next step is creating a plan. What are the steps needed to achieve the goal? Break it down to small steps so the larger goal is merely an accumulation of the process. This is the critical step most people overlook with self-improvement. Whether it’s personal or professional, there’s eyes on the big prize but not the discipline on the small components to the larger goal.


Perhaps the most important part of investing in yourself is reflecting throughout the process. Self-investment means constantly evaluating how far one has come and where they need to go. It also involves performance assessment. A person can’t invest in themselves unless they’re invested in the process. Reflecting is difficult. Most can’t handle it because hard truths reveal themselves. Having a network encourages reflection, and thus self-investment reaps great results.

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