Understanding Qualitative vs. Quantitative Success Stories

By: Network Lead Exchange

Understanding Qualitative vs. Quantitative Success Stories




Using success stories to sell a company’s services is a wise way to engage new customers. Network Lead Exchange explains the difference between a qualitative and a quantitative approach.


There are plenty of success stories emphasizing the impact on a customer’s quality of life. Equally, there are success stories emphasizing through empirical data the positive effect on a customer. Many entrepreneurs are unsure of which approach works best with success stories. The reality is success stories always include both qualitative and quantitative elements. Whether one story emphasizes a certain approach requires knowledge of the target customer’s preferences.

Quantitative Success Stories

It’s impossible to argue with numbers; the data provided by quantitative success stories appeals to a prospect’s logical side. Laying out facts and data shows these prospects the actual improvement in their lives made by a business’s services. It’s imperative to emphasize a direct approach. Prospects drawn to a quantitative argument quickly lose faith in success stories meandering around numbers. Show where the success story started, the business’s intervention, and how their lives improved afterwards based on the data.

Qualitative Success Stories

Impacting the quality of life a customer has is equally important. Many businesses understand the emotional power of improving a customer’s position. Businesses like financial planners rarely speak in terms of numbers, but they regularly speak in terms of how a customer’s life is less stressful and more secure. Use emotions in these stories, describe how customers feel before and after the business provides solutions. The starker the contrast, the more prospects interest is piqued.

Blending the Two Approaches

Unless the marketing research explicitly calls for favoring one approach over the other, most success stories blend qualitative and quantitative approaches. The reason is simple – making a case involves more than numbers and emotions. The interaction between the two is where prospects understand how the quantitative affects the qualitative. Using these approaches as a blend is a great way to reach customers.

Creating success stories using these approaches allows customers to see themselves as the next success story. Learn how to develop these success stories @ NETWORKLEADEXCHANGE.COM.