The Best Networking Apps

By: Network Lead Exchange

Networking is something everyone must do, but making networking easy is something that technology enables. There are plenty of great networking apps, but some of the apps stand above the rest. There are several of these apps which require a subscription while others are free. The bottom line is usually if something is free it’s less functional than a paid for app, but that’s not always the case. The goal with these apps is giving network members a place to get all their work done with just a swipe or two instead of stopping what they’re doing.


The criteria for Network Lead Exchange reviewing these apps comes from our members. These apps are among the favorites when surveying members. The goal for all these apps is to make sure everyone in the network can easily communicate, set appointments, take notes, and so much more. The apps profiled are ones that are most notable, and they’re not presented in any particular order, so don’t assume the first review is the top ranked app. Ultimately, a networking group should settle on a preferred app to stay synced, but it is not mandatory. Many of these apps easily integrate with others.



There are a lot of different functions provided by Canva, and while it is a paid app, it is definitely worth its while. The main function of Canva is helping people who are not graphic design specialists create amazing logos, graphics, and much more. For folks who are interested in promoting networking events, Canva is a great tool to create visual content and spread it across a variety of platforms including email marketing, social media, and even printed content. For people looking to do business cards, Canva has great functionality as well. There are several different ways to utilize this app, but if creativity is a part of the network’s ethos, then Canva is the right app.




·         Excellent for graphic design novices

·         Templates make everything look professional

·         Catches the eye with social media and email marketing




·         Best features require a subscription

·         Not the most organized app

·         Hard to get help within the app


Insight Timer

For many groups, one of the great perks of networking is getting rid of the stress of the day by commiserating with fellow professionals. That said, especially with the COVID pandemic, networking events are now virtual and for some, might even increase stress. One app that many Network Lead Exchange members enjoy is Insight Timer because this app is about mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice to centering the mind and relaxing. For Eastern philosophies this is done through meditation, while Western religions call this practice prayer. That said, there can be a spiritual component to meditation or a simple secular use. Clearing the mind reduces stress, and that leads to better decisions. Insight Timer is a guided meditation app allowing users to get better sleep and feel calmer. The timer function is ideal for people who are constantly on the go. Instead of having to build in time, the app integrates with the smart device and sets users off on a path to peacefulness.




·         Guided meditations from neuroscience experts

·         Track progress over time

·         Multiple languages and offerings in various religions




·         Paid subscription required for greater functionality

·         Too many options for people who just want to slow down for a few minutes


Do It Later

When networking, it is imperative to always have messages for contacts yet how often are our days interrupted and a message isn’t sent? This is a problem Do It Later endeavors to solve. This app is all about making sure messages get sent when they need to get sent, and tasks are completed in a timely fashion. Essentially, this app acts like a personal assistant. This means there are just a few important tasks that are out of the users’ hands. Instead of remembering all the little things to do, Do It Later automates these tasks and sends them out at the appropriate time.




·         Set up messages to send at an appointed time

·         Integrate with calendars for reminders

·         Automates all mundane tasks




·         Issues with reliability

·         Trouble adding certain contacts

·         Subscription fees



The G-Suite is a fancy name for all of the Google Apps. The great thing about Google is how simply it organizes everything, including calendars, note taking, sharing docs, and much more. Google’s tools are amazing because they are remarkably simple to use. Sharing and collaborating is easy, and the G-Suite is full of so many different options. From Forms, Docs, and Sheets all the way to Notes along with the Gmail, this suite is perfect for any network.




·         Very easy to use

·         Integrates with nearly all programs

·         Sharing is very simple




·         Not easy to use with Apple products

·         Must make sure to keep sharing loop private, not public


Using these apps makes life easier for networking and for doing business in general. When network members have the ability to do tasks collaboratively or to take care of themselves from a mental care point of view, this is a net positive. There are lots of other apps members like to use. Find out about how different networks collaborate @ NETWORKLEADEXCHANGE.COM.