The 3 Best Platforms to Find Testimonials

By: Network Lead Exchange

The 3 Best Platforms to Find Testimonials




Finding a testimonial from an unbiased source isn’t always easy. Network Lead Exchange discusses three of the best independent places to find testimonials for all types of businesses.


It’s possible to find testimonials everywhere, but rarely will a business feature a bad review or testimonial on their website. Therefore, it’s important to learn about a business from an objective source. These sources are known for being impartial. They’ll post all testimonials regardless of whether they’re positive or negative. Businesses are wise to see what’s posted on these platforms, because that’s where their prospects look before making contact.


Yelp is one of the easiest places to leave reviews and testimonials. There are a couple drawbacks, namely reviews may be left anonymously and it’s possible a business may go viral for the wrong reasons, resulting in spamming of Yelp reviews. That said, Yelp is fairly reliable and most of the reviews and testimonials on there are thoughtful and accurate. Businesses remain keenly aware of their Yelp scores and often encourage happy customers to visit the business’s Yelp page to leave a testimonial.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews are great because they’re so easy to access. The one drawback is many reviews just have a star rating without any context. That said, it’s more likely to find a Google Review with lots of details. Thanks to having space for a business to reply, it’s easy to showcase how responsive the entrepreneur is to a customer. Most prospects find themselves on Google Reviews before any other review site.

Angie’s List

While it is primarily used for the trades and other services, Angie’s List provides valuable insight and among the most detailed reviews found anywhere online. Instead of a simple star system, there are several categories to review along with a space to write down any additional comments. These detailed testimonials are ideal because they give prospects a great way to dig into how well a business provides its services.

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