Lead Generation with Network Lead Exchange

By: Network Lead Exchange

Generate Leads with Network Lead Exchange

There are lots of reasons for people have difficulty generating leads, and the problem is without lead generation, a business dies. Usually the reason for lead generation difficulty is because the person responsible for generating leads can’t articulate what a business actually does and who it serves. These are the key ingredients to elevator pitches, and for the answers requiring less time than an elevator pitch, being able to turn what your business does and who it serves into a single sentence is imperative for lead generation. This is one of many reasons for struggles, though. Other struggles could be due to lack of technology or the inability to connect. Fortunately, Network Lead Exchange has you covered on all these fronts.

Importance of Using Technology for Lead Generation

There are several reasons technology is vital to lead generation. The biggest reason is efficiency. Before tech was a big part of networking, this meant printing up lots of business cards and handing them to everyone you came in contact with. The actual conversion rate with this method is not very high, but flooding the zone has its advantages. Despite the inefficiency, many businesspeople still use this method instead of qualifying leads and generating leads using technology.

Instead of handing out business cards and hoping for the best, networking allows you to get a feel for your target market. Aside from obvious tips to build goodwill (listen twice as much as you speak, ask open ended questions, etc.), the key is understanding where opportunity is. Having a database of your existing customers is critical, and this should be sorted among demographic information including age, income range, geography, and any other pertinent categorizations. Creating this ideal customer helps you dwindle down the field to prime targets. Furthermore, with some basic data mining skill this can be done in less than an hour.

Once you have your ideal customer, the next step is connecting with them. This is where networking is important and where Network Lead Exchange assists you. The first step is connecting with people who would be interested in your services or know of people who would be ideal customers for you. Think about the different businesses that would also serve your ideal customer. These are great connection points. Using the tools on Network Lead Exchange helps you find these connections and allows you to build rapport which leads to lead generation.

The difference is simple – you are using technology to curate the right type of customers. When you use Network Lead Exchange, you’ll notice your conversion rate increases because you’re drumming up the right type of business instead of pursuing ghosts.

Developing a System with Network Lead Exchange

Just because you have the technology doesn’t mean you have all the solutions. Once you have Network Lead Exchange technology in place, the next step is developing a system that will generate leads. Organization and efficiency help you generate lead and run these leads through your sales funnel for conversions. Here is a system for generating leads.

Set Realistic Goals

Before you make any contacts, you need to set goals that you can quantify. Unfortunately, you can’t control results, so the goals need to be quantifiable and achievable. Lots of people want to set big goals, and there’s nothing wrong with that, except when the goals become impossible to manage and trying to achieve them becomes discouraging. Track your progress, and that will help keep you motivated. Thanks to Network Lead Exchange, you can keep track of all measurables with the app. It keeps the goal setting and adjusting easy for you to do.

Reach Out in Your Audience’s Language

There are a few variations to this idea, but the simple thing is to speak to your targets in a language they understand. For example, people marketing to Gen Z prospects means engaging them via social media while Gen Xers and Baby Boomers should be engaged via Facebook. For the business of networking, it’s a bit different, but the principle is the same. When reaching out to a business leader it is imperative to be professional in your interaction and demonstrate the value you’d bring to their business. Once you do this, you’ve gained the attention of someone to network with.

Lock Down Your Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is critical for letting contacts know what you do and who you serve. This shouldn’t take longer than a minute to say in person. Written elevator pitches need to be concise yet meaningful. They shouldn’t be more than a few sentences. Your job with a written pitch is letting prospects know what you do, who you serve, and what makes your business uniquely suited to help the person you’re connecting with. A short simply written pitch shows the efficiency your business operates.

Obtaining Contact Information and Following Up

The first step with any lead is getting contact information. This is the first conversion, and it should be the easiest. Once you obtain contact information, don’t follow up too quickly or too casually. Instead, let the person have a few minutes to breathe. Enter the information you have into your Network Lead Exchange platform, and then you can use some of the different follow up options. These follow up options allow you to personalize messages. A simple message where you’re touching on a point from the conversation is the best way to follow up. As with anything, leave a call to action so your prospect is led to do something.

How Network Lead Exchange Generates Leads

The simplicity found in using Network Lead Exchange’s platform allows you to generate leads easily. You’ll have little getting in the way of forming meaningful connections. These networking connections will generate leads either directly or through referrals.