How to Request Success Stories from Customers

By: Network Lead Exchange

How to Request Success Stories from Customers




Success stories are a great way to sell new customers on a business’s services. Network Lead Exchange explains the best practices for requesting success stories


Getting success stories from customers is a great way to market a business. However, it’s not as simple as writing up a story and having customers sign off. There’s a few things entrepreneurs must do to get the right success stories. When the right success stories appear on a website or within marketing collateral, they affect customers. Prospective customers see themselves in the position of the success story, and they become eager to experience these rewards.

Use the Right Customer

Not all customers are equal. Some customers have interesting stories but aren’t right for a success story. Others may not seem right, but they have a typical profile for new customers and their stories are conventional. The key is finding the customer with a realistic story. These stories match up to where the prospects are. Having the right story shows the empathy prospects require.

Get Customer Approval

This is imperative. Most customers are excited to feature in these types of stories. There are a couple ways to get customer permission. The first is asking the customer for approval. Another would be including in the terms of purchase that success stories may be used and agreeing to the terms gives permission to use their story in future marketing. However, approval is achieved, this is incredibly important to obtain before writing the story.

Write a Simple, Effective Story

The structure of the success story must be simple. Have a concise story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Ensure verbs feature prominently in the story. Connect the problems with emotions, it’s important to make prospects understand the success story features the same emotions they’re currently experiencing. Have a professional write the story for maximum effectiveness.

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