How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

By: Network Lead Exchange

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome




Many entrepreneurs attend networking groups and quickly believe they don’t belong in the room. Network Lead Exchange understands imposter syndrome and has some tips to overcome it


Ever walk into a room and immediately get worried the people in the room will know something is up? This is the feeling anyone with imposter syndrome has. Imposter syndrome is the idea that an individual is in a situation where they’re not qualified, and the people in the same position will soon figure that out. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome imposter syndrome. There’s never any reason to feel this way when inclusion in these groups is clearly merited.

External Validation

Throughout the years, every entrepreneur remembers a time when a trusted colleague affirmed their proficiency. When feeling the pangs of imposter syndrome, remember these moments. If a trusted colleague has faith in the entrepreneur’s ability to do a job, the entrepreneur should have the same faith. If the person is someone commanding universal respect, this is especially pertinent.

Everyone Gets It

Imposter syndrome affects everyone, not just the supposed imposter. Do a quick search for someone admired, chances are they went through a bout of imposter syndrome. Many famous musicians, artists, writers, business leaders, and even politicians fought these feelings. If someone universally admired battled imposter syndrome and overcame it, then it’s just another step on the journey towards personal success.

Positive Self-Talk

The biggest critic of our actions is the one residing between our ears. Externally, people are too busy to try and out an imposter. Spend time with a positive internal monologue. Every time a thought of imposter syndrome appears, rattle off the resume. There are plenty of experiences on a resume leading to the inevitable conclusion that being an imposter is just a figment of anxiety. It’s not an actual state of being.

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