How to Network in a Coworking Space

By: Network Lead Exchange

How to Network in a Coworking Space




Coworking spaces are fantastic places for professionals to network with people in many different fields. Network Lead Exchange explains how to effectively network while coworking.


Coworking provides lots of opportunities to build and expand a business. Networking is one of those opportunities. Because coworking spaces are open to all types of professionals, it’s quite easy to develop a group in a coworking space where plenty of different areas of expertise are represented. That’s why the best networking groups are now developing in these spaces, and it’s exciting to see how the future of work and networking intersect.

Embrace Diversity

The best networks have diversity built into them. In this case, coworking allows for diversity because there are so many different types of businesses involved. Thanks to coworking, it’s easy to be creative and find solutions to unique problems. This type of diversity is great for networking. Instead of staying focused on a particular industry, it’s now possible to truly expand the parameters of what’s possible.

Use the Space for Events

Coworking spaces love to host events, and networking events are ideal for these spaces. Because coworking spaces are large, they can host gatherings that feel big and intimate at the same time. These spaces are perfect to talk with connections and at the same time, not have to worry about losing productivity. Furthermore, it builds a connection with the coworking space, and that’s a great asset to have for any networking group.

Use the Water Cooler

In offices the water cooler is where gossip starts. In coworking, the water cooler is where connections start. This is where one professional talks to another about their business. It’s important to learn the things they’re doing and what makes them successful. Figure out how to deliver value and that person will end up being a networking connection. The first step is initiating that conversation, and what better place than the water cooler?

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