How to Network as an Introvert

By: Network Lead Exchange

How to Network as an Introvert




Most introverts see their default personality setting as a problem, when it’s exactly the opposite. Network Lead Exchange explains how introverts should network so their strengths come through.


Most people see introversion as a weakness in social settings. While introverts don’t like large crowds and likely feel intimidated speaking in front of a crowd. The critical thing for introverts is the understanding of their strengths. There’s no reason introverts are less apt for success at networking than extroverts. Understanding their strengths and playing to these strengths is how introverts have the ability to out-network the most masterful extroverts.


The great strength of introverts is their impressive listening skills. In networking, listening is imperative. Most people are too interested in what they have to say to hear someone else. Introverts lack that type of interest. Using this skill serves them greatly. Introverts use their conversational skills to demonstrate understanding of what was said. They know what others say, and put themselves in positions to use that knowledge with maximum efficacy.


Because introverts don’t command a room, they’re naturally viewed as empaths. The best part is introverts naturally empathize with others. They have a gift of putting themselves in the shoes of their counterparts. Using empathy in networking helps incredibly. Thanks to understanding how people feel, the introvert prepares an effective pitch. Sales is about connecting on an emotional level, and few do that better than introverts.


Because introverts are empathetic listeners, network associates and customers find their instructions are incredibly well-executed. In a network, it’s not about what’s said, it’s about what’s done. Introverts get the job done. If they provide referrals or a customer arrives at their doorstep via a referral, those in the network rest assured of a positive experience. Getting the job done goes very far in a networking environment.

There are plenty of other ways introvert’s network. For introverts, the best way to start networking is joining one of the many groups @ NETWORKLEADEXCHANGE.COM.