How to Know When You’re Building a Success Story

By: Network Lead Exchange

How to Know When You’re Building a Success Story




Hindsight is 20/20, and it’s quite helpful, but it’s better to know earlier about potential success stories. Network Lead Exchange explains how entrepreneurs will know they’re in a success story when they’re right in the middle of it.


There are plenty of great success stories, but most put pen to paper after the fact. Hindsight is a great tool because it allows people to evaluate their actions after the fact. But, what if entrepreneurs knew in the middle of a customer interaction that there exists potential for a great success story? If entrepreneurs knew in the middle of a story that it could be a success story, would it change how they approach the customer, or would it reinforce their actions?

Creating Consistency

The key for any business is being consistent. For an entrepreneur to understand they’re in the middle of the success story, they must walk the path many times. It’s important to emphasize consistency. Customers are always new to the process but an entrepreneur should be the wise sage guiding these customers. By doing everything the same, entrepreneurs see the success arriving before it does, and build the relationship necessary to obtain the story.

Non-Verbal Cues

Another easy way to know a success story is in the making is to take note of non-verbal cues. These are customers excited to come into the store or talk to the entrepreneur. They’re smiling, their body language shows relief, and they may even linger because they feel invested in. Take note of cues indicating happiness and when seeing cues indicating the opposite, spend time ameliorating them. It’s important to become an expert at reading body language, because people’s words are deceiving, but not their body language.

Watch the Numbers

The quantitative data informing entrepreneurs is critical for determining how successful a story is. That said, there should always exist metrics for each step of the process. These metrics help entrepreneurs understand how successful a story may become or help them remedy a possibly troubling story. There are several ways to measure progress, but what’s important is the measurement of progress. Without those measurements, it will be too late to realize a story is a success or a failure.

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