How to Be Proud While Remaining Humble

By: Network Lead Exchange

How to Be Proud While Remaining Humble



Many professionals see pride and humility as competing traits. Network Lead Exchange explains how they’re not competing traits but rather the ways to be proud while retaining humility.


Many people think humility is impossible to retain while being proud. The truth is extreme pride and extreme humility can’t coexist. Being proud isn’t about puffing out a chest and proclaiming greatness. Being humble doesn’t require shuffling off praise. The truth is humility and pride exist on continuums. That means if pride is properly contextualized it is possible to have a similar level of humility.

Recognize Achievements

Many humble people are quite decorated in their professions. At the same time, they’re not proclaiming their resumes every time they meet a person. If asked for qualifications, they’ll state them flatly. Furthermore, humble people keep their awards on shelves or other places of prominence. It’s important to recognize success. Look at what’s been accomplished, draw inspiration from it but remember always there’s more to do.

Remember There’s Always Someone Better

Upon looking at trophies, it’s easy to get swept up in them. Former University of Iowa wrestling coach Dan Gable in his training for the 1972 Olympics famously practiced at his normal time and at the same time his Soviet opponents practiced. When asked, he remarked that if he’s not practicing then his opponent is getting better. Having a person to chase always inspires. Also, be inspired by perfection. Chase it and remember there’s always something better.

Value Honesty

The arrogant among us loathe honesty because it bursts the bubble of their perceived greatness. When honest people surround a professional, they can’t get too high or too low. Honesty cuts through the noise and provides a great thermostat on the pride/humility balance. While loyalty is a great quality in people, empty loyalty results in false praise. Honest people are inherently loyal. They give informed feedback and provide an invaluable check.

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