How to Balance Different Personalities

By: Network Lead Exchange

How to Balance Different Personalities




Many professionals find a certain type of person requires more attention than others. Network Lead Exchange explains how all professionals balance the needs their employees and customers have.


There are billions of people in the world which means there’s billions of differences in personalities. Some people require intense attention while others are maintained by a few words here and there. It feels for many professionals that they’re stuck spending too much time with too few people. However, balance may not necessarily be the idea of equal time, but balancing of needs more than a hard balance of minutes.

Understand Needs of People

The first step to finding balance starts with understanding the needs of different people. There are many customers and employees needing intense personal attention. Others require little time and can run with the ball. Give too much attention to people requiring little attention, they feel smothered. For those needing much attention and getting little, they feel neglected. It’s imperative to understand the needs of people and manage attention accordingly.

Set Boundaries

The problem with giving people what they need is when their needs impact the needs of the person giving the attention. Set boundaries on what’s an acceptable amount of attention. Keep an idea of what’s tolerable with a needy person. Don’t self-sabotage out of a desire to give them everything. Sometimes they must manage with 75% of what they want. Similarly, for those not needing as much attention, they might get more than they want. Boundaries provide limits for everyone involved, and they’re craved by all.

Cut Bait When Needed

Sometimes, the needy customer affects the bottom line. If spending lots of time with a needy customer that it’s affecting other customers, this customer must change their behavior or find a new business to patronize. Attention and boundaries help balance personalities, but having limits matters too. There’s no account worth sacrificing an entire business. Therefore, be polite but firm. Never let one person affect the needs of others.

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