How to Ask for Introductions in a Network

By: Network Lead Exchange

How to Ask for Introductions in a Network




The most important part of networking is meeting new people. Network Lead Exchange explains how even the newest of networkers can effectively ask partners for introductions.


Getting introductions to decision makers isn’t the easiest task for people in networks, especially if they’re new. Many new members are unfamiliar with how to obtain introductions; sometimes they’ll put the cart before the horse or other times they’ll be too reserved to ask. The reality is decision makers constantly seek out new people, because it’s new ideas and new markets for them. Making the ask isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Be Ready with Value

The key to obtaining introductions is value A networker who has something valuable for the person making the introduction, plus the contact they seek, gets an introduction. Think about the different parts of the person’s business. Different ways to help a potential contact’s business run efficiently or with greater profitability always makes introductions easier. Just like one should never arrive at a gathering empty-handed, never arrive to an introduction without some reason a person should be excited to meet.

Mine the Circle

The best people to deliver introductions are people acting as a referral. These include friends, family, and business associates. It’s difficult to ask someone unfamiliar for an introduction. Moreover, it comes off as using the person to get to another person. Unless there’s value, don’t spend time asking for an introduction from someone not counted among close relationships. The people in a circle are willing to help, especially if they know they can count on their reputation being burnished by the introductions.

Manage Expectations

The hardest thing for new networkers in particular is managing expectations on introductions. Not everyone is going to be immediately receptive. There is a proving stage, and it’s important to come through it with flying colors. Nor will every personality type mesh. The key is to give without expecting anything in return. When that happens, relationships build and good things follow. Keep expectations modest, and great introductions are enhanced.

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