4 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Network

By: Network Lead Exchange

LinkedIn is everything for professionals; it’s the place where ideas are shared and careers are built. Networking on LinkedIn seems like an easy proposition, but the reality is there are some methods of networking working better than others. The goal isn’t to build a network of massive size, but build a network of massive reach; meaning a network should be powerful and connected. Here’s how to make that aspiration into reality.

Start with the Real Life Contacts

The biggest mistake made on LinkedIn is following influencers and spending time commenting on their posts. These influencers have thousands of followers, and it’s difficult to stick out. Instead, LinkedIn has an option to search contacts. Use that option and everyone in real life and LinkedIn is populated. Connecting with people already known is easy – they also build a profile through skill ratings, testimonials, and generate engagement to get a profile higher on search results.

Connect with Long Lost People

Work takes up such time in our lives we often don’t reach out to friends the way we should. LinkedIn is the perfect vehicle to kill two birds with one stone. It’s important to reach back out, and do so with a message expressing regret for not having done so earlier. This is a simple conversation starter but the long-term effect is building prominence in the connection’s mind and deepening a relationship already having importance but lacking maintenance.

Use the Network for Assistance

Whether a LinkedIn network is a dozen people or hundreds of people, the best way to generate engagement is asking for help. The rationale behind asking for help isn’t as important as the ask. People are naturally helpful, and they feel a closeness to someone they help. Therefore, it’s a wise move to ask for help and to be thankful when receiving it. This builds closeness in a network using LinkedIn as a conduit.

Post, Comment, Follow, etc.

Every podcast ends with the host exhorting listeners to follow, rate, and review. The same goes for LinkedIn except the verbiage includes posting and commenting. LinkedIn works if there’s content. It doesn’t matter who produces the content as long as the content generates engagement. Commenting on the posts by connections is a great idea, but posting original content – or linking to other’s content and commenting on it – are great ways to start discussions. These discussions go in lots of different directions and deepen everyone’s understanding of a topic.


LinkedIn provides many opportunities for networking. When looking at networking groups, not only are you joining the group, but you’re bringing your LinkedIn network as well. Make the most of your LinkedIn network @ NETWORKLEADEXCHANGE.COM.