3 Ways to Know How You are Perceived

By: Network Lead Exchange

3 Ways to Know How You are Perceived




Many people in business are not aware of perceptions regarding their personalities. Network Lead Exchange provides insight to understand cues for personality perception.


Plenty of people live in a bubble of ignorance about how others perceive them. However, in business it’s important to have perspective on perception. To be aware of a perception helps business owners and other professionals tailor their approach or sand off rough edges. While it is rare to have someone speak directly and provide criticism of a personality, there are several indicators helping people understand how they are perceived.

Being Sought Out

The easiest way to tell if there’s a positive perception is if people seek out someone at networking events and other functions. There are many options for networkers and other professionals to seek a person out. Not all ways are a quid pro quo. Instead, think about how being sought out. There are plenty of professions with the answers to questions, but most people don’t want answers from those they don’t like.

The Chatter

It seems strange to pay attention to gossip, but it doesn’t hurt. Gossip is a narrative but it’s not necessarily truth. Unfortunately, people do listen to it. When people don’t know a person, the gossip becomes the prevailing narrative. Don’t try to counter the gossip, instead file it away as something to be aware of. This helps inform the ideas behind a perception and at the same time, actions always undo negative gossip or reinforce a positive impression.

Focus on What’s Controllable

The last thing about perception that’s important to know is actions ultimately inform perception. Therefore, be mindful about actions. Don’t do anything that would be shameful to answer for. Go above and beyond expectations. Another important aspect to actions is avoiding promising too much. Being a person with a solid word means controlling expectations. Controlling actions is the best way to be perceptive of a reputation – because actions always supersede words.

There are plenty of other ways to stay aware of a perception. One of the best ways is joining a networking group @ NETWORKLEADEXCHANGE.COM.