3 Ways Network Lead Exchange Offers a Recession-Proof Business

By: Network Lead Exchange

Entrepreneurs are always searching for the next great opportunity, but when the economy is contracting it’s not as easy to start a business. The key to having a business during tough economic times is to have a business that allows for maximum flexibility for the entrepreneur. Network Lead Exchange is the ideal business for an entrepreneur seeking something recession proof. Furthermore, the structure of Network Lead Exchange allows entrepreneurs to start the business even during a recession, which is just another example of how Network Lead Exchange is a great investment during all cycles.


No Equipment Required

One of the biggest expense drivers for anyone trying to start a business is buying the equipment. Whether it is a facility itself or other tools, part of the costs of starting a business are found here. These costs ultimately put entrepreneurs in the red, and thus commences the furious work to build the business and generate sales right out of the gate. Furthermore, depending on the industry, the cost of equipment can be prohibitive for many entrepreneurs trying to break in. This barrier to entry means some of the most creative entrepreneurs have their dreams dashed before they can get started.


Network Lead Exchange doesn’t have an equipment requirement to start the business. Instead, this business offers a turnkey solution. Turnkey isn’t minimal equipment expense – it is no equipment expense. Network Lead Exchange franchisees don’t need facilities either. This means the hard work of finding the perfect location is moot. Instead of having to factor in equipment costs along with facilities, Network Lead Exchange provides the technology enabling entrepreneurs turned franchisees to start the business right away. Instead of working to pay off equipment and facilities, Network Lead Exchange franchisees have the security of starting a business with minimal front-end expense.


No Inventory Costs

For anyone in a product-based industry, before a customer ever comes through the door, it is imperative to have products on the shelf and in the warehouse. Think about the fashion industry for a moment – someone selling shirts must have the same shirt in several sizes and have plenty of stock. Nothing turns off customers quicker than arriving to a store and not being able to buy their desired wares. Having products on the shelves isn’t just a storefront issue, but it involves the storeroom too. Inventory costs pile up quickly, and replenishing an inventory is always expensive. Getting in the black is hard, especially in a product-based business where the competition is stiff.


Instead of facing competition from other folks in the same industry, Network Lead Exchange allows entrepreneurs the ability to have a different type of inventory – networking partners. In a network, the people are the inventory. The best part is there’s no cost with building the network, it’s just the cost of getting folks involved and activated. For people in the same industry, it’s a way to avoid competition. Therefore, an entrepreneur with interest in a certain industry but not wanting to front the cost of products would be wise to start a Network Lead Exchange chapter to be involved in the industry.


Reasonable Carrying Costs

One of the biggest expenses of any business are the carrying costs. These include payroll/staffing, benefits, and other built-in expenses. Many businesses require entrepreneurs to hire people from the inception of the business. Again, this is a financial drain, and it is a spot where trouble can arise. If an entrepreneur is unfamiliar with payroll duties, then these carrying costs will get quite expensive very quickly.


Network Lead Exchange requires minimal carrying costs – essentially the carrying costs are just the costs of opening up and maintaining the franchise. There’s no need to hire anyone to work in the business, and that means entrepreneurs are in full control of what’s going on. By eliminating the areas where carrying costs sink the ship, Network Lead Exchange provides incredible opportunity for people seeking to be in control of their own businesses.


These three elements are recession proof because there’s no need to depend on customers to rush in and validate investments. Opening up a business has never been simple, and this is especially true after the onset of COVID-19. However, eliminating the need to have massive sales at the beginning of the business makes Network Lead Exchange recession proof. Furthermore, instead of having to get loans for these costs, starting a franchise is something that will not require a massive fiscal investment. Therefore, a franchisee has the ability to weather storms and enjoy the sunny days of business.


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