3 Key Elements in Every Business’s Success Story

By: Network Lead Exchange

3 Key Elements in Every Business’s Success Story




Success stories help businesses market themselves to new customers. Network Lead Exchange explains the three key elements to every great success story.

Whether it is telling the story of a business or the story of a successful customer’s experience with a business, using success stories is ideal marketing. There are plenty of ways to tell success stories, but its critical to utilize three elements when marketing success stories. Customers love success stories because it’s a moment to put themselves in the shoes of successful people. Using these stories creates the urgency for new customers to experience the success of those coming before them.

Lead with Honesty

The key to success stories is truth. Many businesses like the idea of making a success story hyperbolic. Avoid this temptation. Customers see through hyperbole. They know when a business is trying to sell them, not help them. Honesty is the key to earning customer trust. When the success story is realistic and honest, customers put themselves in the same position as the story’s protagonist. Honesty allows everything else in a success story to work.

Use Verbs

Verbs are great because they communicate actions and emotion. Readers of success stories imagine themselves in the story when verbs feature. The goal is for people to feel the feelings problems provide and then imagine themselves feeling the solutions. Verbs are powerful but avoid passive voice and adverbs. Diluting verbs is the easiest way to take the punch out of the story. Therefore, clear out the copy so verbs do their job.

Use a Sequence of Events

People follow stories sequentially. It’s important to set the stage with the problem to start the success story. Describe the problem and the feelings. The next stage is engaging with the business and what the business does. This is the active stage. After this part, conclude with how the customer’s life improved due to the business. The beginning-middle-end structure is easy to follow, readers are familiar and relate to it.

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