How It Works

Network LEX is an online network of businesses organized by local Chapters. Members of each local Chapter will have the ability to send and receive quality leads to each other, in exchange for a commission or additional business.

  1. Join the Network
  2. Build your member profile
  3. Start referring other businesses
  4. Receive your commissions

Why Join

Network Lead Exchange will help your brand grow its reach through the creation of strong relationships with other business owners in your area. Members will prove to be invaluable to your business.

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Pass a Lead

Refer potential customers to other members of your chapter and earn money for your referral and a commission on the resulting sale! Sending referrals across the network helps your brand grow as they begin to refer more business to you!

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Retrieve Your Leads

Members of your chapter will refer new business leads to you daily! These leads will be quality leads that are matched up to fit your business. Choose to accept the leads you want and grow your business regularly!

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