As a Member of Network Lead Exchange, Members will have direct and immediate access to a vast network of trusted businesses in their area. Members will be able to send and receive leads to other Member businesses, in exchange for a commission or additional business. Through the exchange, Members are able to track leads through the sales funnel.

  • Member Profile – Create a personalized profile with owner information as well as all relevant details about the business to help others searching on the exchange understand the business’s products and services offered.
  • Access to Others Businesses – Through the exchanges messaging and discussion features you can share ideas, ask questions, and get advice and recommendations from other Members.
  • Connect with Other Businesses – Whether for networking and referrals, sharing promotions and events, or hiring employees, Member businesses can connect with others in their community to achieve these goals.
  • Trusted Partnerships – Build partnerships with businesses based on industry, location, target audience, and more. Over time, these trusted partners will be go-to businesses and referrals sent and received will grow exponentially.
  • Earn Commission – Not only do members benefit from building their customer base, but can benefit by earning commissions when passing leads to support those in your network.

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