Why Listening to Testimonials Grows a Business

By: Network Lead Exchange

Why Listening to Testimonials Grows a Business




Every business loves to get amazing testimonials, but it’s imperative for them to act on them. Network Lead Exchange explains how to effectively act on testimonials by listening to customers.


There is no entrepreneur who would disregard feedback from a customer. Even the most strident, annoying customers get ears from entrepreneurs when they offer feedback. Listening matters, and even a great testimonial has much to offer. A business committed to growth is committed to listening, and there are plenty of things to take from testimonials regarding practices to continue or disregard.

Pay Attention to the Praise

The key to listening is to not just enjoy the praise, but to note exactly what is being praised. These are important practices to continue. What customers particularly enjoy are the processes worth replicating. Furthermore, when developing standard operating procedures, it’s important to see what worked and codify it. Praise is fantastic because it reinforces good habits, so don’t just enjoy the praise, act on it.

Notice What’s Unsaid

If there’s part of the process emphasized during the sales process but glossed over in the testimonial, it’s possible that’s an area of inefficiency. It’s important to notice the things not said in a testimonial. The absence of certain points indicates these points are not important or they’re weaknesses the testimonial writer overlooked because of their high level of satisfaction. These processes must be reviewed, and it’s a wise idea to talk with the testimonial writer and find out the rationale behind the exclusion of that detail.

Always Clarify

Upon receiving a testimonial, it’s a smart move to contact the customer that wrote it. The reason being is clarification. Get details from them about the parts of the process they liked, didn’t like, and what could be improved. This feedback is important because a customer taking the time to write a testimonial is a customer willing to provide additional input. Get this feedback and at the same time, let the customer feel like they have a real impact. They’ll appreciate it.

Listening to customers and bringing their feedback to a networking group is a great way to improve. See all the growth-minded networks @ NETWORKLEADEXCHANGE.COM.