Why Empathy is Essential for Any Testimonial

By: Network Lead Exchange

Why Empathy is Essential for Any Testimonial




Empathy is a major part of selling any product, and that’s why it’s important for empathy. Network Lead Exchange explains the importance of empathy in testimonials.


Empathy, the act of understanding why people have certain feelings about certain topics, is critical for sales. Since testimonials are essential parts of selling, it stands to reason empathy must be part of a great testimonial. The good news about empathy is that it’s very easy to integrate it into a great testimonial. Empathy is the connection point with customers, and when empathy is the critical tool used in testimonials, customers will convert.

Emotions Sell

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking customers are logical beings. They’re not. Customers ultimately make the choice based on their emotional connection to a product or a person selling a product. Therefore, a great testimonial builds the emotional connection road to a new customer. These testimonials talk in equal measure about the value delivered by a business along with the emotions felt throughout the experience.

Clear Connections

Being logical works to sell people who are thinking about discretionary spending, but most people are spending money because they feel some urgency for a product or service. Therefore, they may not feel like they have plenty of time to weigh pros and cons. This means decisions are made emotionally. Empathy creates those connections, and they’re clear because what people feel is reflected in the testimonials.

Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes

The great lesson Atticus Finch taught us in “To Kill a Mockingbird” is a person can’t understand someone else’s plight unless they get in their shoes and walk around a bit. This is precisely what empathy is. Walking in someone else’s shoes is the basic premise of a testimonial. The goal is understanding why people feel the way they do. This is the key element to a testimonial, and it’s where the efficacy is found.

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