How to Use Testimonials in Email Marketing

By: Network Lead Exchange

How to Use Testimonials in Email Marketing




Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing, which is why testimonials are perfect. Network Lead Exchange explains how to use testimonials to their maximum benefit in email marketing.


Email marketing by far has the best return on investment of any method. The great thing about email marketing is its versatility, and that’s why testimonials are fantastic to use when crafting email marketing campaigns. Because testimonials tell a story, they’re natural fits for an email campaign. Combined with a great subject line, a testimonial-based email marketing campaign will bring in plenty of new prospects.


The key to any email marketing campaign is for the person receiving the email to relate to the content. Testimonials are quite relatable. It’s common for people to experience the same problems and emotions. The relatable nature allows them to understand how the business is the solution to the problem. Keep things relatable, as testimonials do, and customers will come.

Tried and True Method

Another way testimonials work is as the tried and true method. Instead of guessing about how to solve a problem, testimonials allow a reader to see the solution. When readers see how something worked for another, they place their trust in the entity solving the problem presented in the testimonial. Therefore, it’s important for a business to use testimonials in email marketing because it sells the business as the tried and true method.

Tell a Story

Whether it is one email or a series of emails, tell a story. The best testimonials are not sales pitches, instead they are actual stories from real customers. Whether it is a simple tale of how a basic problem was solved or something more complex, the key to success is retaining a storytelling element. Always make the reader want to learn more, this is why a serial email campaign is usually very successful.

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