How to Tailor an Approach to Fit a Personality

By: Network Lead Exchange

How to Tailor an Approach to Fit a Personality




The worst thing to do in any type of setting, especially a business setting, is pretending to be someone else. Network Lead Exchange explains how to maximize a personality by tailoring the approach to who a person is.


Authenticity is the most important part of any interpersonal encounter. In business, people have radars tuned to whether a person is pretending or the genuine article. The truth about being genuine is there’s no pretense. People understand who they are. Extroverts won’t try to be introverts and vice versa. The key to making authenticity work is to tailor a personal approach that fits within the person’s personality.

Know Oneself

The most important part of tailoring an approach is to understand the personality. Each person is different. The best way to get this understanding is taking an inventory. Some people like the online personality tests, but they’re too onerous. Instead, just think about the things where there’s comfort and discomfort. Think about activities and interests along with proficiencies. All of these elements make up a personality. When this is known, it’s easy to act on.

Don’t Act Outside of a Role

Acting outside of a role is when a person tries to take on qualities, they believe others wish to see. For example, if a boss likes a person who’s jocular, someone who isn’t witty forces jokes. It comes off as insincere. More than that, acting outside of a role indicates to others that the person doing the acting is insecure. The easiest way to scare off potential clients and fellow networkers is a lack of confidence. Play the role the personality dictates.

Play to Strengths, Work on Weaknesses

This is simple advice because it applies to everyone. Introverts, for example, should do sales calls in intimate settings where they can listen and empathize. Extroverts must adjust accordingly as well. With weaknesses, the best practice is mitigating them. Practice, get better in those situations. Learn how to be uncomfortable. Tailoring the approach means to use strengths where applicable and learn how to deal with weaknesses. When this happens, complete authenticity comes through with success soon to follow.

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