How to Determine One’s Personality

By: Network Lead Exchange

How to Determine One’s Personality




For many people, they are unaware of the type of personality they have. Network Lead Exchange explains how to figure out an individual personality along with how to use that knowledge.


There are plenty of personalities in the world, but in business most personalities divide between introverts and extroverts. One personality isn’t superior than the other. The reality is people are different. They have different tendencies and often what people do is driven by their personality type. Knowing each other's personalities makes networking and doing business easier.


Introverts are people uncomfortable in large crowds and social situations. They may present as aloof but the truth is they’re uncomfortable and many don’t have the tools to move out of the discomfort. That said, introverts are exceptionally empathetic. They’re great listeners. It seems counterintuitive for introverts to be excellent at sales, but thanks to their ability to empathize, they’re naturals.


Sometimes being around extroverts’ exhausts people. While it seems they seek attention the truth is different. Extroverts get incredible energy from socialization. They truly love the company of others. The great part of extroversion is the enjoyment of a crowd. For sales, extroversion works well because extroverts have the gift of gab. They have a presence about them making others feel disarmed.

Maximizing Personality Traits

The key to maximizing the introvert’s and extrovert’s great qualities is understanding where individuals fall on the spectrum. No one is fully one way or the other. Instead, extroverts must understand their power of commanding a room while introverts must lean into their empathetic nature. Working on the weaker areas matters too. Introverts must push themselves to socialize more while extroverts must learn to let others command the stage for a while.

A great place to work on mastering a personality is in a networking group. Find a great networking group with plenty of introverts and extroverts @ NETWORKLEADEXCHANGE.COM