How Remote Working Affects Productivity

By: Network Lead Exchange

How Remote Working Affects Productivity




Now that remote working is here to stay even after the pandemic’s end, it’s important to evaluate the productivity of remote work. Network Lead Exchange examines different parts of the remote work paradigm.


Remote work is something here to stay, and since many workers enjoy the concept, it’s imperative to evaluate how it is productive. There are several considerations with remote work worth looking at. The biggest consideration though is whether productivity at the office exceeds remote productivity. What’s been found is remote work is equally if not more productive. The only exception is the timing may not be the same as office hours.

Remote Workers are Happy Workers

There are many reasons remote workers enjoy the practice. One could be spending more time with family. Another reason is working in a place where they’re comfortable. Unlike the office, when a worker is working remotely, they have the ability to tailor their environment to their own liking. Furthermore, the motivation for them to work productively is right there – this appeal keeps them productive because they don’t want to lose the privilege.

Commute Avoidance

Commutes are horrible things for office workers because their energy is drained before they start working. Battling traffic drains much mental and physical energy from workers, and their productivity is affected. Now imagine a worker is fresh and ready to go – the productivity improves because their energy level is higher and emotional state has more balance. Commutes are rough on workers, so improve productivity with remote work.

Set Their Own Schedule

It’s difficult for people who are not morning people to be productive, just as its difficult for morning people to put in productive hours late in the evening. When people work at the time most productive for them, their output increases and they get the rewarding feelings coming from accomplishing something. This type of positive reinforcement helps remote workers be more productive than if they were in the office.

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