3 Ways to Self-Promote as an Entrepreneur

By: Network Lead Exchange

3 Ways to Self-Promote as an Entrepreneur




Entrepreneurs are not the most forthcoming when it comes to self-promotion. Network Lead Exchange has three ways every entrepreneur can change that.


Most entrepreneurs are not natural self-promoters. Because of this, they’re unsure about the best way to bring attention to themselves and their businesses. The bad news is this lack of knowledge could lead to some troublesome self-promotional efforts. However, there are several ways to promote oneself without an embarrassing faux-pas. Learning how to self-promote is just as important as the promotion itself. Learn these techniques and never worry about self-promotion again.

Social Media

A great way to self-promote without feeling like it’s bragging is to show off an employee or a customer. Employees and customers are the foundation of any business, and giving them a moment in the spotlight is a great way to self-promote without the self in the promotion. Being happy for others communicates an investment in people. This is a simple way to let people know how much the business is interested in helping others and not just profits.

Use a Blog

Blogs are a great way to talk about what the business is doing and introducing the uses for products and services. The simplest use of the blog is letting customers know how something can make their lives easier. Always keep blog posts focused on the reader’s needs. Invite comments to all posts. When the blog becomes a place of interaction, the promotion naturally flows and it pulls customers in.


The easiest way to self-promote is in a forum where self-promotion is required. Networking requires entrepreneurs to talk about their business. Fellow entrepreneurs are interested in learning more, and they’re always supportive of members. This is the perfect place to discuss the accomplishments of the business and get some new ideas about where the business can go. However, the key is to listen just as much as speaking. It is this format where many entrepreneurs feel most comfortable.

Self-promotion is an important part of networking, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Promote your business @ NETWORKLEADEXCHANGE.COM.