3 Reasons Success Stories Matter to Customers

By: Network Lead Exchange

3 Reasons Success Stories Matter to Customers




Every business loves success stories, but not all know why they’re important to customers. Network Lead Exchange explains why success stories matter deeply to customers.


There are tons of businesses teeming with success stories. Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs understand the importance of leveraging these stories to increase conversions or attract employees. Success stories are the embodiment of what all businesses attempt to do. Whether the story is about a business’s accomplishments or how a customer’s life was transformed, it’s imperative not just to capture these stories but use these stories. The more people relate to the success story content, the likelier they are to utilize the services of a business.


Every business has target markets. Unfortunately, not every business understands how to reach the target market. Marketing initiatives only get so far, and if people can’t see themselves interacting with a business, they’ll choose someone else. Success stories are not just about how well something works. They’re about how people just like a prospective customer benefit from the business. The goal is for prospects to see themselves working with a business. Make sure every success story relates to the target customer. They’ll see themselves in the business before they do business.

Anticipation of Outcome

No one takes action if the action is guaranteed to fail. Instead, people take action when success is a likely outcome. Success stories are the template people need to imagine themselves working with a business. When the story is a successful one, these prospective customers see success as the outcome. Of course, it’s important never to guarantee success, but at the same time there’s nothing wrong with strongly implying the business is the difference between success and a lack thereof.

Increase Desire

Success stories are something everyone wishes to emulate. Who amongst us hasn’t seen a rags to riches story and wanted that for ourselves? The same is true when a business uses success stories with their customers. Making a customer want something is as simple as showing how their life is transformed. Whether it is selling cars, investments, or even a meal, success stories are inextricably linked to increasing desire.

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