3 Principles for Positivity at Networking Events

By: Network Lead Exchange

3 Principles for Positivity at Networking Events




Networking is part of life for professionals, and making the most of it is critical. Network Lead Exchange outlines three principles of positivity helping professionals make the most of networking.


There are plenty of networking groups and events where professionals attend, but they don’t feel like they’re getting value. A large part of the value gap comes down to mindset. The perceptions people bring to activities is often the factor with the largest effect in the eventual outcome. Having a positive mindset is important for all actions. Networking requires a positive mindset because it’s the interactions with others determining the success of the endeavor. Utilizing the three principles for positivity will create successful interactions at these events.

Set Objective, Achievable Expectations

Plenty of professionals advise for expectations to be “realistic” yet fail to explain what realistic means. Expectations should always be objective. For example, what would be an ideal number of people to converse with? The next question would be the probability of achieving this quantitative goal. Ultimately, goals must be achievable. Setting an objective goal that’s difficult to reach impacts mindset at the event. Instead, the best way to meet expectations is to be modest with goals. The lack of pressure to do everything and meet everyone is freeing. The interactions become positive because professionals are relaxed and comfortable.

Focus on the “Can”

There are two types of circumstances everyone encounters in life: those that can be controlled and those that can’t. Attitude is a controllable circumstance. The way attitude is controlled is by being mindful of actions and expectations. Going to an event with pressure contributes negatively to attitude. Instead, be mindful about what is controllable and what isn’t. This is what helps a positive attitude flourish. People who are positive tend to think of the world as something they can shape, while those with negative attitudes see the world as shaping them. The way to be positive is through focusing on what is controllable.

Be Ready to Laugh

There’s no easier way to be positive than to laugh. Even when people tell sarcastic jokes, they’re laughing and positive for the moment. Laughing is also about having fun. When fun is had, positive chemical associations happen in the brain, and that creates good feelings about people. Positivity is embedded within laughter. An easy way to get laughs and to share powerful lessons is to be self-effacing. Empathy is also embedded with laughter. The positivity within laughter strengthens relationships.  There are plenty of other ways to be positive, but applying these principles has a high rate of return. Find a networking group and show off these principles in practice @ NETWORKLEADEXCHANGE.COM.